Volume 12, Issue Number 1 April 4, 2006

SMACNA - OSHA Alliance Update

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SMACNA – OSHA National Alliance Update

In the Fall of 2005, the SMACNA-OSHA National Alliance marked its first year of cooperative efforts. The OSHA and SMACNA Alliance focuses on providing the organization's members and others in the sheet metal and air conditioning and the construction contracting industries, including Hispanic workers and small businesses, with information, guidance, and access to training resources that will help protect employees' health and safety. The Alliance will address issues such as motor vehicle safety, fall protection, and personal protective equipment with an emphasis on cuts and eye injuries. Several highlights from the year include:

• SMACNA “advertised” the Alliance through the SMACNews newsletter, during training courses, and at various meetings such as the December 2005 Council of Chapter Representatives meeting.

• SMACNA’s safety and health director, Mike McCullion, participated in a Fall Protection Workshop which included representatives from various construction related organizations, contractors, and associations. During the initial workshop meetings, Mr. McCullion volunteered to be the originating author of a collaborative effort to create Fall Protection Tip Cards for employers and employees. The tip sheets are nearly complete and will be available later in 2006.

• SMACNA developed a vehicle safety tip card specific to the sheet metal / HVAC industry that was reviewed and “approved” by the OSHA Alliance division. The tip cards (one for service vehicles and one for construction vehicles) are available to all SMACNA members at no charge.

• SMACNA agreed to develop a safety tip sheet on heat and cold stress working environments. Similar to the vehicle tip cards, this product will be a collaborative effort through the Alliance. This project was approved and will be completed in 2006.

• Mr. McCullion is serving on a Motor Vehicle Safety Topics Page editorial board. The board is planning to create a Motor Vehicle Safety eTool, similar to the existing ones on the OSHA website.

• There is a webpage on the OSHA – Alliances website dedicated to the SMACNA-OSHA Alliance. SMACNA posted a link to the Alliance on the SMACNA – Safety webpage at http://www.smacna.org/safety/ .

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