Volume 0, Issue Number 99 November  27, 2007

Contracts Bulletin #99 - ConsensusDOCS - The "New" Contractor-Subcontractor Agreements

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On September 28th, a broad-based group of prime contractors, subcontractors, public and private owners, sureties, and other industry organizations jointly released a new family of model contract documents called ConsensusDOCS.

Over 20 different trade organizations collaborated in developing 70 standard form construction contracts.

This Contracts Bulletin will focus exclusively on the Contractor-Subcontractor Agreement, ConsensusDOCS 750, and changes to key provisions in it from it predecessor document, the AGC 650.

SMACNA, through association with the Associated Specialty Contractors (ASC), has endorsed Contractor-Subcontractor Agreement, ConsensusDOCS 750.

In order to review the entire Contracts Bulletin with appropriate footnotes, please open the attached "PDF" file.


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